The 2016 Halloween Haunting race's move to a nighttime event made an already fun race just that little bit spookier, and that's really the name of the game. It was a great move for the race, and a new experience for me as a race photographer. Between the cloudy night and the park lighting, I found that the photos are not up to my usual standards (though I was still able to capture some great moments and excellent costumes). As such, I've decided to offer a treat: all photos from this year's Halloween Haunting event are free to all race participants (a free "purchase" will remove the watermark). Based on what we learned this year, there are already plans to make next year even better (including some lighting changes for better photos and visibility).

In the spirit of community, I do ask that if you take advantage of this offer and download your photo, you also consider making an additional donation to the London Track 3 Ski School (the pledge partner for 2016 Halloween Haunting).

Andy Berdan / Tallshots Photography
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